The next billion medical devices will be powered by your smartphone

Our Mission

Billion Labs Inc. strives to reach the billions of people in the world through health monitoring solutions built on top of the sensors and computational capability of smartphones, transforming smartphones into the next billion medical devices. The technology at Billion Labs is supported by scientific research pioneered at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), a world leading institution on biomedical engineering research, where our founder/CEO Dr. Edward Wang directs the Digital Health Technologies Laboratory as a faculty member in the School of Engineering and Design. Billion Labs’ mission is to bring cutting-edge digital health tools  through rigorous regulatory requirements to provide health monitoring solutions where traditional clinical tools cannot by augmenting remote/telehealth services with the ability to monitor vitals without expensive medical equipment. 

Our Team

Edward Wang, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Engineering at UC San Diego

Colin Barry


Graduate Research Fellow of Engineering at UC San Diego

Chelsea Maples


Our Science

Learn more about our latest Smarthone-based Blood Pressure Monitoring Technology on our pre-print publication.

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